6 Reasons why Al Hoceima is astounding

6 Reasons why Al Hoceima is astounding


This picturesque city on the northern edge of the Rif Mountains along the Mediterranean coast will definitely enthral you. Al Hoceima is one of those places in Morocco that’s worth a visit. Known to be one of the cleanest and safest Moroccan cities,it is characterized by astonishing sandy and shingly beaches and mountainous rocky surroundings.Founded by the Spanish as Villa Sanjurjo, this coastal town was built as a garrison after the Rif Rebellion in the early 20thcentury. Many locals still refer the city as “Villa”.

Often referred as “the Mediterranean Pearl”, this port city looks like heaven on earth. Under the eternal blue sky along the serene coastline any traveller will find some solace. Al Hoceima shouldn’t go unexplored on your trip to Morocco.

  1. Port d’Al Hoceima

This small port serves as a major landmark of the city and a significant tourist attraction. Though the Port of Al Hoceima cannot accommodate commercial ships or vessels, it serves many fishing vessels that fish locally and is extremely important to the tourism industry. The area is always teeming with ferries and visitors. You can watch the fresh catch being unloaded and can take your pick and carry it to the nearest restaurant for some fresh fries and grills – as awesome experience that one shouldn’t miss on their trip to Morocco. The bay area has crystal clear waters and you can take a boat trip from port for some dolphin spotting.

  1. Al Hoceima National Park

Located west of the city, this park is an osprey paradise and is best preserved Mediterranean coast with rugged coastline, silhouetted and steep slopes. Spread across a land and sea area of 310 square kilometre, this natural beauty offers a host of amazing trails for foot travellers. This park is home to 3 varieties of dolphins, 69 species of birds, pink flamingos, monk seals and sea turtles. Adventure seekers can explore the cave areas which is surrounded by oaks, olive trees, palm, pines and oleanders. Camping here in midst of lush green surroundings can be an exciting part of your Morocco tours.

  1. Jardin Al Mnikar

This park with rocky coastline appeals the hikers and nature lovers to explore the rugged, hilly terrain surrounded by opuntia, agaves, dwarf palms and lavender. One should be careful while hiking, since the rocks descends to the coast and the path is often cross by wild lizards and turtles. Al Hoceima is best enjoyed through these nature walks.

  1. El Peñón de Alhucemas

One of the places of sovereignty, this extraordinary white island fortress is a must visit and can be seen a few hundred metres off Playa Asfiha, along with the uninhabited Isla de Mar and Isla de Tierra, which flutters the Spanish flag. Back in 1559, the Saadi dynasty gave this to Spain in exchange for military assistance. This historic fortress is a major tourist attraction in Al Hoceima and is one the must-visit places on your Morocco travel.

  1. Beaches of Al Hoceima

Ideal for scenic strolls and clean, clear waters; the beaches of Al Hoceima remains crowded during the summers whereas spring and autumn remains mostly idyllic. The turquoise waters along the beaches of Asfiha, Espalmadero, Quemado, Cala Bonita and many more awaits you. The sunset views from these beaches can be truly romantic. You can swim in the clear blue sea and take a stroll up the hills, or can indulge into some fun water sports. The beach areas are also where you get some mouth-watering sea foods. Al Hoceima’s appealing beaches are the main tourist puller and cannot be missed on your Morocco vacation.

  1. Place du Rif

This landmark in Al Hoceima is slightly down-at-heel area and are lined up with cheap affordable hotels and restaurants and bus company offices. This place bustles with tourists who look up for their accommodation or are on the streets for a leisurely stroll. Place du Rif is where you can experience the pulse of the city with few commercial establishments around.

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