Exploring the Museums and Galleries of Fes

Exploring the Museums and Galleries of Fes

This northern inland city of Morocco is one of the most captivating cities that embraces its tourists with the bustling medinas, colorful streets and rich tapestry of life. However, to experience the magnificent past of this Idrisids ruled place, one has to explore various museums and galleries located across the city. Make sure you cover all these museums on your trip to Morocco to learn the rich history of Fes.
Fes’ wealth of museums and galleries will surely satisfy a history and art enthusiast and appeal to a novice. Explore these museums to learn the city’s past and witness native artworks. Don’t miss them in your Morocco holidays.

1. Musée des Armes

The military fort of Borj Nord houses this museum of weapons. Built-in 1582 by order of Sultan Ahmed El Mansour to monitor and protect the city of Fes against foreign threats, the majestic Borj Nord stands tall as an epitome of history in Fes. Eleven rooms display all forms of weapons that are exhibited in a chronological manner. Except for Tuesdays, this museum is open to visitors who can witness an array of arms – carved stone cannon, axes, halberds, spears, pikes, a wide collection of sabers and swords engraved sleeves, Indian and Malay kris, Iranian helmets, saddles with their ornaments, etc. For a nominal entrance fee, you can experience a piece of history in this museum. This definitely is one of the desired places to visit in Morocco.

2. Nejjarine Museum

Situated in the old medina quarter in the city of Fes, the funduq is situated in the heart of the medina, at Al-Najjariyyin square, which is also known for itsNejjarine Fountain. Thisfunduq was commissioned by the Alaouite Sultan Ismail Ibn Sharif in the 17thcentury and is a prominent example of Moroccan riad architecture. A private museum is housed in this funduq which brings together woodworking tools and collections of carpentry and woodwork, both old and contemporary. Thematic exhibitions are conducted across three levels of the building. The terrace has a tea room for the visitors, where you can have a cup of mint tea and enjoy the panoramic view of Fes. This historic monument is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1916. Enjoy various tools, prayer beads, Berber locks, chests and musical instruments that are displayed here, on your trip to Morocco.

3. Batha Museum

Housed in a 19thcentury summer palace ‘Dar Batha’ or ‘Qasr al-Batha’ and later converted to a museum in 1916, Batha Museum has an excellent collection of traditional Moroccan arts and crafts. Located outside of the western wall of Fes el Bali, this museum should definitely feature in your Morocco vacation itinerary. Historical and artistic artifacts include fine woodcarving, zellige and tadelakt works, much of it from the city’s ruined or decaying madrasas. This museum has some fine collection of Fassi embroidery, colorful Berber carpets, and antique instruments.

4. Tazi Gallery

Located at 8 Rue Abdelkrim El Khatabi, this art gallery is privately owned by painter HichamTazi. A painter since 1987, Tazi own the National School of Fine Arts Tetouan in 1995. Some of his amazing works are on display at this art gallery which portrays various Moroccan landscapes and famous landmarks. If you appreciate art then a visit to this gallery is a must.

5. Museum Riad Belghazi

Mohammed AbdelilahBelghazi, a descendant of the Belghazi family is the founder and curator of the Belghazi Museums of Morocco. Recognized by the state, Dar Belghazi is considered as the first private museum in Morocco and houses collections of gold jewelry, antique clothing, 18thcentury ceramics along with Andalusian and Berber musical instruments, damascene weapons as well as carpets and embroideries. Open for visitors throughout the week, you can plan a visit on your Morocco holidays.

6. Galerie Mohamed Kacimi

Located at 26AvenueMoulay Youssef, Fes, this art gallery is named after the late Mohamed Kacimi. As a tribute to the great Moroccan painter, this gallery has been named after him, which has Mohamed Rais as its architecture. National and International exhibitions are held here from time to time to promote plastic art in its various disciplines of painting, sculpture, design, and photography. The gallery is open from Tuesday to Saturday.

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