Staying in Marrakech gives you easy access to a number of fascinating tourist attractions including the Ouzoud waterfalls in the Atlas Mountains. Arrival at the small village of Ouzoud whose waterfalls are the main curiosity. The spectacle is striking: inside these mountains is such a space that contains some of the spring waters of Morocco.
The summit of the falls is accessible by a steep path in the shade of olive trees, and
a path will approach you to the falls. The view is breathtaking! Here is the time to enjoy the falls at a distance and perhaps lunch while contemplating them.
The Ozoud falls are popular in the country for picnicking day trippers and for trekking and the springs are absolutely spectacular.

Return to Marrakech in the afternoon

Departure: Marrakech.
Nb day: 1 day.
Visit: Ouzoud waterfalls